Holidays are a time for letting loose, enjoying the presence of family and friends as well as taking a much-needed break from whatever stresses the world throws at one such as, for example, work. Furthermore, many vacationers choose to spend their holidays at one of the many islands around the world. From New Zealand to Jamaica, there are literally thousands of islands of adventure to and explore during the holidays. Moreover, in this article, the top 5 best islands (from number 5 to number 1) for a holiday retreat will be looked at and discussed.


#5 Musha Cay, Bahamas:

At the number 5 spot in the top 5 best islands for a holiday is Musha Cay which is located in the Bahamas. Furthermore, it is owned by David Copperfield, who is a well-renowned illusionist. Lastly, although staying on the island is quite expensive and is certainly not cheap, however, the experience is unmatched and visitors will be left wanting to go back for round 2.

#4. Bali, Indonesia:

Bali, which is an island located in Indonesia, is ranked at number 4 in the top 5 best islands for a holiday due to the fact that it offers a number of white sandy beaches that visitors can take a stroll on. Furthermore, it is also a great place for surfers (of all skill level) as the waves that surround the island are ideal for surfing.

#3. Fraser Island, Australia:

Fraser Island, located in the country of Australia, is number 3 of 5 on the list of top 5 best islands for a holiday. Furthermore, it is the largest sand island in the entire world which means there is plenty of space to relax and take in the sun and scenery. Lastly, Fraser Island also has a rainforest that visitors and adventurers can explore and make a day trip out of.

#2. Bunaken, Indonesia:

Bunaken which shares the top 5 list with another Indonesian island, Bali, is 2nd on the list of top 5 best islands to venture to on a holiday. Furthermore, it is home to a major attraction, the Bunaken Marine Park. Lastly, those who are too scared to dive and explore the underwater world on Bunaken island can opt for a boat tour (the boat has a see-through, glass floor) instead.

#1. Palau:

At number one on the list of top 5 best islands to go to for a holiday is Palau. Palau is famous for it’s barrier reefs and the vast marine life that inhabits it. Furthermore, visitors can also enjoy snorkeling, diving, exploring the island’s cave paintings as well as taking a tour of the numerous World War 2 wrecks on the island.


In conclusion, each of these islands offer different experiences and an individual may have a different opinion on what island is 1st or 2nd on the top 5 list, however, it is a definite that all of these islands are spectacular and are good spots for a holiday vacation.