Every year an individual or family might take a vacation and travel across the country or internationally. Most are very consumed with selecting the right transportation or a place to stay in that location. However, it is still important to give some thought to things that you should do before traveling. Often, the traveler places those things on the back burner and does not attempt to do those things until it is time for them to take their trip. Still, other might even forget. Here are 10 things to do before you travel.


1. Check Your Bills:

A week or more before the travel date planned, it is vital to check your bills. Are the bills paid up to date? Will the bill payments cover the days that you are away traveling across the country or internationally? The fact is that you would not like to return home and discover that you forgot to pay the electric bill or the gas bill. This could be a great inconvenience.

2. Stop Deliveries:

Most travelers should place a stop delivery on their mail and newspapers. It would be a very unwise idea to let those newspapers stack up or the mail stack up in your mailbox. This is dangerous. Some burglars go through neighborhoods looking for piles of newspapers or mail because this is a sign that the house occupants are away.

3. Check Flight Plan:

Certainly, you’ve already booked a flight for the trip or made travel plans on other modes of transportation. Double check your plans for accuracy, long before he travel date, to give you time to correct any errors.

4. Pet Sitter:

Do you have a pet? Now, is the time to arrange for a friend to pet sit. Of course, you could also take your pet to a kennel too.

5. Passport:

It happens more than you might think. You assume your passport is up to date. Check a few weeks before travel plans to make sure that it is;

  • valid
  • current

6. Medications:

Perhaps, you or your travel companion take medications. Make sure that you have enough of the medicine to see you through the entire trip.

7. Buy New Toiletries:

Stock up on the toiletries that you will acquire during your travels. Make sure that you have enough to last through the travels.

8. Travel Plans:

A lot of travelers insist on sneaking away to travel. Instead, stay on the safe side by letting a trusted friend or family member know about your travel plans. Give them your full itinerary so that they might contact you in the event of a family emergency or if you do not show up at a destined travel spot.

9. Communication:

Make sure that you have a fully charged cell phone with you to keep in contact with friends and family. The cell phone is a good way to call for help in an emergency. Also, take along a cell phone power bank for outages.

10. A Final Word About 10 Things to Do Before You Travel Money:

Decide on the credit cards that you are going to take on your travels. Take along enough cash or change to pay tips to bellhops, waiters, drivers, and others that provide assistance to you.